Swedish Softwood

Swedish spruce flooring

We supply a wide range of Swedish softwood products. From lumber to flooring all produced at our own sawmill and forest. 

East African Lumber

Loading Teak lumber in Tanzania

We supply a wide range of Hardwood lumbers from East Africa. For example, Teak, Iroko etc. from east Africa. Were we control the production. 

North American Lumber


We supply most of the north American hardwoods and some softwoods. We are at the moment looking for partners in USA or Canada.  

South American Lumber

Common Name(s): Spanish Cedar, Cedro; Scientific Name: Cedrela odorata;

We can supply from South America. We don’t have our own production in the region, but we have good partners here.     

Asian Lumber

Burma Teak

We have mostly a customer region. However, we have some very good suppliers from here. We are looking for representation in this region.

Sawmill Machinery

Log Saw ST 65

We represent Wesaborgs AB worldwide, except from Scandinavia and Russia. We are looking for partner for setting up demo sawmills. 

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Please tell us what you’re looking for.  What lumber, need a special quality or dimension or do you want to be a local partner? Or maybe you want to sell Wesaborgs sawmill machinery. Just let us know and we will help. 

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