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In a nutshell about us


ARTC Solution have along history, it all started 1945 an is still going strong!

From the start with a small Swedish sawmill we have developed the business to the international market. 

However the way we do business is still the same. All our customers are equal to us, big or small you are still a valued client. 

Win-Win is the only way we do business. 


We manufaktur our own products and work with a selected few suppliers that meets our demand. 

We have two product lines:

  • Lumber that is out main product and we supply sawmill solutions from Wesaborgs AB. 
  • Our strong point is sawing to customers needs, i.e. special sawing and grading. 

In a nutshell about us

Teak loading in Tanzania

ARTC Solution have along history, it all started 1945. Today we have our own production on three containers. 

We supply lumber from all over the world. Our strongpoints are EU, North America and East Africa. 

Our lumber


We have our own production in, for example, Sweden. Were we control the production from forest management and harvesting and sawing the lumber at our own sawmill. 

Some end up at our own lumberyard for wholesales, the rest goes on the international lumber market.  


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