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Our support page is what it says, a support page. But also, a community where we all can help each other. If you have a question for a product talk to us, supply a ticket, or share with the community. 

All you have to do to get free support click below and signup. 

Signup (or denial) acceptance will come to you with in 24 hours.  


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Post a support ticket and we at ARTC Solution will get back to you with a possible solution/suggestion.   

Help Center

A place to reach all the options online. Check you ticket status, find an answer within our articles posted. Or, why not ask the community.    


The community is the place where you can ask the community for help. For example, you have a special project. Post your question and reach out for solutions. 

Who is welcome?

  It is an open forum were we at ARTC actively control and support. Therefor we might have to ask you some question.


Are students welcome? Absolutely. You are our future so needles to say you are welcome. Students can put their CV online. 


All abuse till be acted on. We do not allow commercial, bad behavior, abuse of any form. We will act legally on any abuse. 

More questions?

 If you have more questions, please fill in the form below and on topic pick support. If you don’t have a company, then please fill in your last name instead. We will be with you within 24 hours. 

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